Leslie orders a GALLON of Diet Mountain Dew at the drive-thru, goes to movies to look at end-credit fonts, loves running, and will always favor a kitchen with an "open" floor plan.
She has: a strange modge-podge accent, a tendency to not only impersonate people but write fictional dialogue for them that totally sums them up better than actual dialogue of their own could, and unparalleled frankness.
She believes in the power of skinny jeans, Nike Sky High Dunks, Sharpies, and Mexican food.
She does not dilly-dally, and does not enjoy talking about herself in third person. She does, however; enjoy drawing pictures that look like you....sorta.
Whether you’re looking to redesign your website or just need help with user experience; need printed materials like business cards, brochures, or posters; are undertaking a logo or identity rework; even if you’re just working on a Powerpoint presentation—I’m here to help.
For inquiries professional, academic or otherwise: lesliepax@gmail.com
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